Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

There are many reasons you or your loved ones may need teeth removed. If your child’s baby teeth are crowding their permanent teeth, it is common for the baby teeth to be removed. If teeth have decayed beyond repair, they will also need to be removed.

One of the most prevalent reasons for tooth extraction is wisdom teeth. These extra teeth can cause problems in the mouth, so most people have them removed in their teens or twenties.

Cordano Dental does tooth removal in-house to maximize your convenience and comfort. Don’t worry about finding another qualified dentist—we will do it here! We do tooth extractions for patients of all ages, including removing crowded baby teeth for children, severely decayed teeth for adults, and wisdom teeth!

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are extra teeth that often do not come in until you are in your late teens or twenties. These teeth used to be essential for early humans to chew tough plant material, but these days, they cause problems such as:

  • Crowded teeth.
  • Shifting teeth, making them crooked.
  • Damage to other teeth.
  • Difficulty cleaning molars, leading to decay.
  • Pain in the mouth or the jaw.
  • In the case of impacted wisdom teeth, infection or cysts around the teeth.

What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

When wisdom teeth are “impacted,” it means they have grown in incorrectly. This is common because most people’s jaws are too small to have room for wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth can be at a right angle to other teeth, angled backward, or angled correctly but trapped in the jaw. Most dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth before they have the chance to become impacted.

What Does Cordano Dental Do To Help?

At Cordano Dental, we believe in giving you the highest quality of care possible. That means that at your general check ups, we will keep an eye on you or your child’s teeth, making sure that they are spaced well and are not at risk of crowding.

If your child’s teeth are becoming crowded, we will recommend a treatment plan specifically for him or her. The same goes for you—when we notice your wisdom teeth coming in, we will let you know and help you plan the best option for your dental health.

We do tooth extractions in-house, so you won’t need to worry about finding a different dentist. In particularly extreme cases or when wisdom teeth are impacted rather than erupted, we will refer you to a specialist we trust.

Call Cordano Dental today to set up your first appointment and start taking care of your dental health!

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