Clear Align Orthodontics

Crooked teeth can look unsightly and cause problems biting and chewing. But Cordano Dental understands that you don’t have time to constantly visit the orthodontist to get brackets fixed and wires tightened. That’s why we offer clear align orthodontics, using popular brands like Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Don’t waste time on painful, annoying bracket-and-wire braces! Call Cordano Dental today to get your teeth straightened without the hassle.

What is Clear Align Orthodontics?

Clear align orthodontics uses clear trays that fit over your teeth in order to slowly move your teeth and straighten them out. Your mouth is scanned by our trained dentists and the scan is used to make an accurate model. The model is then the base for the trays that are tailored to fit your mouth perfectly.

The trays are made of clear composite material and are virtually invisible when on your teeth. Typically, you wear the aligners for anywhere from one to four weeks, then change to the next aligner in the set. Each set progressively moves your teeth a little more.

Your dentists at Cordano Dental are always here to address any problems, questions, or concerns you may have with your clear aligners, but you will not have to make monthly visits to get wires or brackets adjusted like you would with traditional braces.

Why Choose Clear Align Orthodontics?

As mentioned earlier, clear align orthodontics are more comfortable, faster, and more convenient than traditional braces. Clear align orthodontics can straighten your teeth up to twice as fast as traditional braces!

Additionally, clear align orthodontics take away the need for constant orthodontist visits. This makes the teeth-straightening process more efficient and convenient.

Clear align trays are invisible when they are in your mouth, so your coworkers or friends won’t be distracted by the new hardware you’ve got. Further, with clear align orthodontics, you always have the option of taking the trays out to eat, floss, or brush your teeth, making them much more convenient than traditional braces.

Straightening your teeth is a long-term process either way, but clear align orthodontics can get it done up to two times as fast as traditional braces! That means less time worrying about your teeth and more time enjoying your new, perfect smile. Call Cordano Dental today to set up a consultation for clear align orthodontics!